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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

First post in a new blog

So here we go, first post in a new blog.

The purpose of The Fortress is to play through a long-running Dwarf Fortress and document it's success and failures throughout history. I want to use this to show off the latest patch and features as well - especially the undead 'fun' such as vampires and necromancers. Hopefully this will result in both death and glory in spades.

So a few things about the style of this blog -

  • Firstly, it won't be a wordy or 1st person story of what happens. In fact, I expect each update to be simple updates about major incidents occuring in the Fortress over time.
  • Secondly, one of the things I am interested in doing is keeping track of various 'hero' dwarves, especially the first 7 Founding Fortressers, who I will likely nickname and track their journey of life and peril.
  • In relation to this, I like to keep track of heroic military dwarves, especially those that have started killing a metric ton of other lesser creatures (elves, goblins etc). There will likely be a yearly snapshot of the top 10 killers in The Fortress. I like to include any particularly violent wardogs in this list.
  • I do not use any map-pack or mods. The only thing I allow myself is Dwarf Therapist. I'm a purist!
  • In the event of a catastrophic Fort Failure, I will re-embark on the same site and continue in my attempt to propel the Fortress into the halls of legends.
  • Finally, the group name and Fortress name will be randomly generated. Hopefully I'll find something humorous to use!

With that in mind I intend to start soon - perhaps over this weekend. What I don't want to happen is to start a fortress and then have to abandon due to frequent patch updates. I see DF 0.34.03 was released earlier today, so I'll be standing off for a few days just to see the latest patch notes. If it seems stable, then it's go time!

Strike the Earth.... Soon!

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