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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Our Brave Warriors -
X Squad (The Subtleties of Working)
H Squad (The Fenced Hills)

Local Dwarf Heroes:

H Squad - The Fenced Hills

The Fenced Hills is a squad of Dwarf Hammerdwarfs from the Dwarf Fortress of Daggerbite. May they continue to smite!

The following are the tough bastards of H Squad -

  • Sibrek Trumpetletter - 'H2'
    • With no weapons and limited armour, Sibrek bashed a few trolls with his iron shield during  The Attack of Lashing. Miraculously he survived!
    • During the Execution of Dostngosp MalignedtradesTrumpetletter decided to bite the enemy on the foot.
    • Scars: Massive straight scar on right hand
  • Tobul Trotswords - 'H3' - The Swordsdwarf
    • Fought against the minotaur Edimi The Courageous Shadow - bashed it in the head and floored it allowing his comrade Laboredskies to finish it off
    • Everyone calls him The Swordsdwarf which he hates!
  • Ber Mansionclashes - 'H4' - Your Highness
    • Slew the goblin Strodno Ruthlessflies in retaliation for the death of Tekkud Fortressstrength during The Training Accident of 255
    • In 255-256, Ber served as mayor of Daggerbite
    • Fought against a Giant Cave Spider in the caverns, Ber both bit and kicked the spider during the fight. His kicks eventually killed the creature.
    • Since Ber was elected for mayor, the other dwarfs in H Squad mock his position and call him Your Highness
  • Olon Wheelssingle - 'H6'
  • Deler Pageoranges - 'H7' (Hospitalised)
  • Zas Laboredskies - 'H8'

Further details on who has killed what, can be found in the latest yearly stats 

H Squad has been present during the following actions -

Fallen Members of H Squad - 
  • Duthnurcatten - 'H1'
    • Fell during the The Attack of Lashing . H1 attempted a suicide charge towards the goblins at the front gate. It didn't work.
  • Tekkud Fortressstrength the Even Top - 'H5'
    • During The Attack of LashingTekkud made a suicide dash towards the trolls attempting to batter down our doors. He maimed a number of the beasts, and broke through into the outside
    • During the same siege, Tekkud then made his way to the entrance where several wounded goblins were pitifully attempting to crawl to safety. Tekkud personally bashed apart three of the goblin scum.
    • Slain during The Training Accident of 255

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