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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Giant Cave Spider Violence 256

Whilst clearing out an area of the depths ready for our lower colony (Knifetown), a giant cave spider makes an appearance!

Olon Wheelssingle (H6) from H Squad is the first be attacked, and lucky for him he was wearing his iron helm - the spider bites him twice in the head but can't penetrate our iron! It settles on covering him in a sticky web, preventing him from moving or fighting back.

Meanwhile the marksdwarfs Dodok Worktactics (X4) and Bomrek Bowink (X5) from X Squad began peppering the beast with their bolts, whilst Ber Mansionclashes (H4) bashes it with his hammer. Mansionclashes also decides to get even more vicious and bites the creature in a leg, before bashing another leg with his hammer so hard the arachnid vomits.

Mansionclashes eventually kicks the spider in it's cephalothorax, bashing and breaking it's beast-like brain and ending it's life.

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