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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Enemies of Daggerbite!

Enemies of Daggerbite, please take a ticket. We will deal with you shortly

  • Zom Growlcruel - in 254 Zom led The Onslaught of Razors
    • Zom was a goblin from a nation called The Evils of Colouring
    • He favoured a copper great axe
    • During his time as a goblin raider, Zom slew 2 elves, a dog and a yak.
    • Zom was slain in late 254 by Dodok Worktactics (X Squad) by an iron crossbow bolt. It is not known if this was during a siege or ambush.

  • Dostngosp Channeledmonstrous - in 254 Dost led The Riddled Sieges
    • Dost hailed from The Evils of Colouring
    • Little more is known about this foul creature

  • Dostngosp Urarotsmor 'Malignedtrades' - in 254 he led The Eviscerated Onslaught
    • Malignedtrades was a dwarf. A foul traitor! Pierce him with steel!
    • He became the general of The Evils of Colouring in 248
    • Little more is known about this traitorous worm
    • He was captured during a siege, we believe during The Attack of Lashing in late spring 255
    • Dostngosp was executed in late 256 by Wheelssingle the hammerdwarf

  • Smunstu Pulledfiend - in 254 Smuntsu took part in The Eviscerated Onslaught
    • Smunstu was known to favour a copper whip and hailed from The Evils of Colouring
    • He struck down and killed our second vampire, Urdimgubel 'Towerbulbous' during the assault on our front gates at The Eviscerated Onslaught
    • Smunstu was later shot in the throat and suffocated due to a crossbow bolt from Kubuk Basementfleshes (X Squad), as part of The Eviscerated Onslaught

  • Olngo Menaceworked - in 255 Olngo led The Attack of Lashing 
    • He was a goblin from The Evils of Colouring, our nemesis
    • Little more is known about this wretched creature

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