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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Year Three (253)

It is the end of Year 253 and this is our history:

An ambush by Giant Magpies was bloodily repulsed

A Fishery worker named Fath Cattenmozib was discovered slain, murdered by unknown forces.

Worked continued on increasing the Food Layer's mined out caverns. When the under-caverns are finally breached, the Food Layer will then start growing tree's, allowing Daggerbite a renewable source of wood grown underground in safety.
(Crafttempt notes "It's a shame we can't build beds out of magpie body parts. I think I could sleep on a dead magpie quite comfortably")

Minkot Eteskel the craftsdwarf died of thirst in the autumn of 253. He had been inficted with madness, and before his death had taken to wandering the meeting area of the Food Layer. This brings our deaths to four so far.

Ber Muthkatlisid, a blacksmith, became possesed and took over our only metalsmith's forge. Curses! He starts building a mysterious construction almost immediately.
Ber Muthkatlisid eventually creates Obur Am "The Hero of Speaking" - an iron splint. Interestingly, this splint uses magpie leather to display a minotaur striking down an elf over 100 years ago in this area.

A kobold thief was spotted trying to enter the rear entrance - he was immediately swarmed by at least 9 dogs and almost torn to pieces until a passing axedwarf from the dwarven caravan traders stopped by and swiped the kobolds head clean off. Alas one dog was slain during the attack.

Due to an engineering oversight, several dwarves were stuck atop the Fortress wall whilst building Foundations, and a 'rescue floor' had to be built to allow them back down. One of the stuck dwarves decided to make the most of his time up there and had himself a snooze.

 Alas one engraver was trapped up there for too long, and Zaneg Rigothzanoz died of thirst.

In early winter 253, we finally breach into the underground caverns, and quickly seal up the entrance back into Daggerbite in-case something climbs back up the mineshaft.

During the long dark of late winter, Avuz Urvadsakzul the brewer was found dead, completely drained of blood. And then another victim Rovod Asteshkad the farmer, was also found drained. We will have to deal with this somehow.

Yearly Stats are now available.

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