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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Dastot Overbasement murders a family of Cave Swallowmen

Recently banished to the under caverns, Dastot Overbasement must have been seething. Perhaps even grinding her teeth, were it not a hazard for a person in the vampire profession.

Luckily a unit of seven Cave Swallowmen were discovered nearby, so Dastot decided to destroy them.

Overseers note: I had to enroll Dastot into the military as the Captain of the Guard to get her to fight. And it worked gloriously....

Swallow This!

With no weapons or armour, she would need to be fierce indeed. To get things moving swiftly she kicked the first Swallowman in the face, killing it instantly.

Moving to the other Swallowmen (who were armed with spears, blowguns and other troggy weapons), a ferocious melee ensued. Highlights of this fight include:
  • Dastot hooking her foot around a Swallowman, flipping him over to the floor
  • Somehow getting a Swallowman's beak into an armlock
  • Grabbing another Swallowman's leg in one fist and snapping the bone
  • Breaking another's wrist by grabbing and twisting
  • Midfight strangling one Swallowman whilst it's colleagues tried to stab and shoot the vampire away.
  • Smashing one Swallowman in the beak with two rapid punches, killing it.

At this stage Dastot decided to run off having killed four Swallowmen already, leaving a fourth unconscious  with a broken hip. The remaining creatures gave chase through the underground twists and turns.

Dastot lost her pursuers and doubled back to the wounded Swallowman with the broken hip - which she promptly punched in the face, puncturing the brain and killing it instantly.

88 pages of Swallowmen murder
When the remaining Swallowmen returned they continued the fight, and Dastot made another dash for freedom. Five Swallowmen lay dead, with only two remaining. Unfortunately the Swallowmen got separated in the chase - Dastot rewarded one of them by punching him in the brain.

Dastot returned to the scene of carnage, and quickly finished off the last Swallowman with a rapid brain-punch. Victory!

Good job it's only the back teeth!
Seven Swallowmen dead, and yet she was not completely unhurt....

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