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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

SIEGE: The Eviscerated Onslaught (Late Autumn 254)

Part of The War of Traps

The Eviscerated Onslaught was a siege led by a traitor dwarf, Dostngosp Malignedtrades. An assault force comprising 24 trolls and 47 goblins attempted to breach our defenses and wreak havoc. We disagreed with their objective!

The assault parties arrived just behind a dwarfish caravan, prompting panic amongst the traders, bodydwarves and pack beasts. The former promptly scurried towards the supposed safety of the walls of Daggerbite. Meanwhile several stalwart bodydwarves stood their ground and turned to face the goblinoid menace.

Two axedwarfs -Vabok Viperhame and Shorast Kalankadol - stand close to provide a defensive front.  Vabok stabs a few goblins and limbs several of the foul creatures before being stabbed in the foot himself. Nearby Shorast is demolishing a pair of trolls, slicing off body parts left right and centre.

Vabok takes a bash to his arm from a goblinoid war hammer, breaking the bone and causing intense pain. Whilst he drops his axe and staggers to the ground the vicious goblin steps forward and stoves his head in like an overripe fruit. His killer was Olngo Hateflea.

Shorast meanwhile is still hacking away. Parts of troll are littering the ground near to him. He must realise his brother in arms has fallen? Perhaps he has seen him out of the corner of his eye? In the meantime a goblin loses his foot to Shorast's axework.

During the frantic battle, Shorast loses his bronze shield, and now has to parry furiously each attack made at him. A goblin manages to stab Shorast in the foot with his foul scimitar, twisting the evil blade around. Shorast responds by hacking into the goblin's hand, severing an artery.

The merchants meanwhile have not made it to the safety of the fort, and are being run down by fast moving goblin skirmishers. Curse them! One merchant is not amused at being kicked in the head by a goblin, in fact he's ENRAGED. Sadly, being enraged is no match for cold hard.. copper. The merchant falls over during the fight and the goblins descend on him, stabbing over and over until one casually passes it's two handed sword through the merchants head.

Our marksdwarfs of X Squad have assembled atop the ramparts to provide our brethren with covering fire. As they arrive on station they begin firing in earnest. Basementfleshes is the first on scene and the first to engage. Pour it on!

In the meantime we have lost track of Shorast - last seen being chased across the map by a large number of hostiles. Later we find he survived the onslaught, and earned himself the title of Shorast Trailhatchets the Savage Summit of Cities. During this siege he killed 4 trolls and 1 goblin.

A party of goblins arrives near to our front gate - close to our vampire Urdimgubel 'Towerbulbous' in his lair. RELEASE HIM! The goblins make short work of him and he makes no dent in the goblin assault.

As the enemy arrives close to our main entrance and chokezone, we move the marksdwarfs into position to reign down fire. The first goblin into the killzone falls into a cage trap almost immediately. The rest muddle around for a short while, allowing our bolts to greet them in earnest. Then they rush down the chokezone into our delicious traps!

Blood, vomit and body parts soon litter the ground. Some of the goblins at the rear, no doubt seeing the remains of their colleagues liberally splattered across our walls, decide to move a bit further back. Some of them start to run and bolt towards safety.

This doesn't stop a herbalist named Rakust Dakostber from charging into the goblins for no apparent reason. Perhaps he wanted to sell them some lotion for their many wounds? It's fair to say, the sale does not go well. Rakust is stabbed with a two handed sword to the arm, lips, and lower body. One foul goblin even bites him in the stomach. Rakust vomits. Whilst this butchery is going on, another goblin slices Rakust's leg off and he expires.

The trolls then take a turn barging down into our chokezone, and soon meet the hospitality of our traps. The resulting trolldeath bloodbath breaks the morale of the invaders, and they start to flee in earnest. X Squad continues to shoot them down as they rout. Finally, the siege is over!

In total some 26 enemies were slain, 10 trolls and 16 goblins. Only two of our own were killed during the attack (plus/minus several alarm-dogs).

X Squad performed brilliantly. Bowink, Basementfleshes and Worktactics slew two enemies each, and our wounded hero Simplecloister took down another.

The traitor dwarf Dostngosp Malignedtrades was not caught or harmed during this siege. Next time 'Trades! We will teach you a lesson!

From the annals of history:

254 Late Autumn - The Eviscerated Onslaught
Led by a traitor dwarf, Dostngosp Malignedtrades, the assault force comprised of 24 trolls, 47 goblins and the aforementioned dwarven traitor.
In total 26 of the enemy were slain, 10 goblins and 16 trolls. All our marksdwarfs of X Squad proved their worth and scored kills.
We lost two dwarfs during this attack - our second vampire Urdimgubel 'Towerbulbous'and a herbalist named Rakust.
A dwarven caravan was unfortunately attacked during the siege and put to the sword.

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