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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Giant Magpie Murder of 253

In the fetid summer of 253, a clutch of Giant Magpies paid a visit. We repaid them with bolts and
cage traps.

Unfortunately during the skirmish, Mebzuth Estilreg the Fishery Worker was strangled to death by the magpie Odrozvunom 'Fatallungs'. Odrozvunom had charged down at the dwarf, knocking him over and then placed a chokehold on Mebzuth's throat with his right wing. Mebzuth desperately tried to claw Odrozvunom off from around his throat, but it was no use and he was soon suffocated.

X Squad's Dumat Crafttempt arrived on scene, peppering Odrozvunom with bolts before closing to short-range and bashing the magpie with his crossbow. Crafttempt decided to get even more personal and began biting the giant magpie in various places, before returning to battering it with his crossbow.

During this bloody fight, Zulban Simplecloister the other marksdwarf from X Squad arrived. Despite having 10 wounds sewn up and still healing, and having to use a crutch to move around, Simplecloister began peppering the magpies with crossbow bolts.

With a number of magpies now on the ground and wounded, our wardogs and regular dogs swarmed in - biting and ripping the downed magpies to shreds. Simplecloister took the opportunity to hobble off on his crutch to obtain more ammo.

Meanwhile, Odrozvunom 'Fatallungs' was still fatally injured and trying to crawl away from the
fight. Crafttempt did not agree.

The dwarf had followed Fatallungs and continued to savagely bash
the creature to death, whilst behind him Fatallungs' last few memories would be of a pack of savage dogs
feasting on the flesh of it's magpie brethren. No doubt Crafttempt would have bitten out Fatallungs' eyes for himself if he had the chance. And likely eaten them.

Simplecloister arrived back in time to pepper the dying magpie with a few final bolts, whilst
his colleague Crafttempt continued to bludgeon the once-winged menace. Finally Fatallungs was dead - beaten to death by Crafttempt.

In total two giant magpies were slain, and 3 captured via cage-traps for future science

After the fight several dwarves remarked that even though he was 'stood-down', Crafttempt returned to the bloody scene one last time to survey his handiwork.

Meanwhile the overseer was pleased to note that the meat stockpile levels had increased, and a young dwarven child was observed munching away on a meal of magpie meat...

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