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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

WAR DECLARED: The War of Traps

The War of Traps has begun.

Waged by The Evils of Coloring against our group The Buff Flags. The causes of the conflict are debated by scholars and very little is truly known.

As of mid 254, the following battles have been fought:

254 Late Spring - The Onslaught of Razors
Led by the goblin Zom Growlcruel. He led 16 goblins, 2 of whom were slain.
Marksdwarf Dodok Worktactics proved his worth on the field, slaying both of the enemies killed.
The only dwarven loss was a dog, cut down by Zom Growlcruels copper great axe.
A number of elf traders were slain during this battle.
Siege Report is here

254 Late Summer - The Riddled Sieges

The goblin Dostngosp Channelmonstrous led a force of 8 trolls and 48 goblins. 1 goblin and 4 trolls were slain during the assault.
Alas a human trading caravan claimed the goblinoid kill, and traps did for the 4 trolls.
No dwarves were harmed during this incident.
Siege Report is here

254 Late Autumn - The Eviscerated Onslaught
Led by a traitor dwarf, Dostngosp Malignedtrades, the assault force comprised of 24 trolls, 47 goblins and the aforementioned dwarven traitor.
In total 26 of the enemy were slain, 10 goblins and 16 trolls. All our marksdwarfs of X Squad proved their worth and scored kills.
We lost two dwarfs during this attack - our second vampire Urdimgubel 'Towerbulbous', and a herbalist named Rakust.
A dwarven caravan was unfortunately attacked during the siege and put to the sword.
Our siege report is available here

255 Late Spring - The Attack of Lashing
A goblin named Olngo Menaceworked led an assault force of 16 trolls and 64 goblins.
In total, 41 of the enemy were slain.
We lost one dwarf during the attack - Edzul Guardedchannel ('H1') from H Squad, who was put down by the goblin Snodub Cursefill with an iron pike.
Our siege report is available here

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