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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Execution of Dostngosp 'MalignedTrades' Urarotsmor

Three hammerdwarfs lined up. Tobul Trotswords, Sibrek Trumpetletter and Olon Wheelssingle. They'd been chosen from H Squad to attend to this delicate task. The execution of traitor dwarf Dostngosp 'Malignedtrades' Urarotsmor, one of the Enemies of Daggerbite

The floor already was slick with pools of previously executed prisoner's blood. The air thick with menace. Silence, whilst the three chosen waited for the lever to be pulled and they could begin their work.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Searblind the Soaked Tests

In mid-spring of 256, and Vabok Lorokil the dwarven child has created uthirnural Adagokil - Searblind the Soaked Tests - a tetrahedrite trumpet.

Note in particular the mention it makes of another artifact - The Hero of Speaking (an iron splint created in 253) . More peculiar still is the reference to Urvad Guardarch, a dwarf of unknown origin.

Records indicate that Urvad was a dwarf born during the ancient and dark times, around the year 45. Urvad travelled far, including down to the depths of the world where he tamed giant bats and elk birds. His father was Shem Healedgalleys the hag mate of shadow.

Urvad also led his nation The Scholarly Trumpets in a number of attacks against The Evils of Coloring - a goblin civilisation - in their lair at Doomedtube. Several of our older dwarfs also took part in various raids against Doomedtube so no wonder the legend of Urvad has been passed down from generation to generation.

Urvad died of old age in 205.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Giant Cave Spider Violence 256

Whilst clearing out an area of the depths ready for our lower colony (Knifetown), a giant cave spider makes an appearance!

The Forgotten Beast Thelo Gusseduces makes an entrance

Shortly after the minotaur incident, we realise the forgotten beast Thelo Gusseduces has knocked down our doors and moved past our traps into our 'secure' checkpoint between the main fort and the depths.

It's time to put this beast to bed.

Hello Thelo!

The Minotaur fiend Edimi pays a visit

It is mid-spring of the year 256 and the minotaur fiend Edimi Idacavere ifathaobi 'The Courageous Shadow' pays a visit to our fort. H Squad alongside Bomrek Bowink from X Squad assemble and head over to prepare a welcoming party for our guest.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Year Five (255)

After our bloody and turbulent Year Four, Year Five was relatively relaxed.
The Year Five stats are available here

Year 255 Stats

Top Killers for our fifth year - 

  • 24 kills - Dodok Worktactics - Marksdwarf. 17 notable kills (12 x goblin, 4 x troll, 1 x minotaur) 7 other kills (4 x raven woman, 1 x Thrips man, 1 x raven man, 1 x badger woman) 
  • 15 kills - Kubruk Basementfleshes - Marksdwarf. 9 notable kills (4 x goblin, 5 x troll). 6 other kills (3 x giant thrips, 2 x weasel women, 1 x louse woman) 
  • 13 kills - Zulban Simplecloister - Marksdwarf. 8 notable kills (1 x beserker, 2 x goblin, 5 x trolls), 3 other kill (1 x giant wren, 2 x giant thrips)
  • 10 kills - Dastot Overbasement- exiled vampire. 3 notable kills (3 x dwarfs). 7 other kills (7 x cave swallowmen) 
  • 7 kills - Dumat Crafttempt- Marksdwarf. 2 notable kills (1 x goblin, 1 x GiantMagpie), 5 other kills (1 x Thrips man, 1 x Thrips woman, 1 x weasel man, 1 x rattlesnake, 1 x Giant Thrips)
  • 6 kills - Olon Wheelssingle - Hammerdwarf. 3 notable kills (2 x goblins, 1 x dwarf). 3 other kills (2 x coati, 1 x giant thrips)
  • 5 kills - Bomrek Bowink - Marksdwarf. 5 notable kills (4 x troll, 1 x goblin)
  • 5 kills - Tekkud Fortressstrength - Hammerdwarf. 5 notable kills (4 x goblins, 1 x troll) 
  • 4 kills - Ber MansionclashesHammerdwarf. 4 notable kills (2 x trolls, 2 x goblins)
  • 3 kills - Sibrek Trumpetletter - Hammerdwarf. 1 notable kill (1 x goblin), 2 other kills (2 x giant thrips)
  • 2 kills - Tobul Trotswords - Hammerdwarf. 1 notable kill (1 x goblin), 1 other kill (1 x giant thrips)
  • 1 kill - Zas Laboredskies - Hammerdwarf. 1 notable kill (1 x goblin)

The Forgotten Beast Thelo arrives - late 255

It is late-winter of the year 255, and the forgotten beast Thelo has arrived in the lower caverns!

Unfortunately for this creature, our lower levels are secured with multiple traps and locked doors - it can make no way further into the fortress! Maybe when we colonise the lower depths we shall look to this creature (and destroy it!)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Dents of Destiny

It is mid winter of 255 and Kogan ikthagkol (a jeweler) has created Geb Nam aka The Dents of Destiny- a chrysoprase scepter.

This is a chrysoprase scepter. All craftdwarfship is of the highest quality. This object menaces with spikes of chrysoprase.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Death of Tekkud Fortressstrength (Autumn 255)

Whilst training on a live goblin lasher, Tekkud Fortressstrength The Even top - one of our up and coming hammerdwarfs of H Squad - was slain in what can only be described as a training accident..

Overseers Note: I'm baaack!

So when I said I'd be away for a few days to a week, I think I understated how long I'd be away for...

But I'm back now! Time to get cracking. We're 3/4 of the way through Year 5, with more bloodshed and murderwork to follow. Daggerbite must endure!

Now looking at Dwarf Fortress itself, we're on version 34.11, and from what I've seen there's all sorts of goodies (minecarts!!) to play with in the new version. However I intend to run Daggerbite to the earth before upgrading and starting afresh.

So lets get on with it - strike the earth!