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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Year Five (255)

After our bloody and turbulent Year Four, Year Five was relatively relaxed.
The Year Five stats are available here

With a tantrum spiral imminent we take drastic action and wall the vampire Cubra 'Stoppedroofs' Kirosfatab up (and promptly forget about him for the rest of the year..)

To make matters worse, a minotaur named Ovus Nikotum Kadol Aran decides to make an appearance at the fort. His full name was Ovus Actionnails the Hatchet of Sculptures. X Squad moves to engagement range - perhaps this will be their last fight? Bomrek Bowink (X5) takes point. Bolts are fired and then.. the minotaur falls into a cage trap! X Squad stands down..

Then in late spring, a vile force of darkness arrives! The Attack of Lashing saw 41 enemies slain for the loss of one dwarf life.
The siege is badly timed to co-incide with The Thirsty Booze Barny of 255 where three dwarfs die of thirst for unexplained reasons, and a fourth dwarf kills another during a tantrum with a thrown empty barrel! (This fourth dwarf is none other than Olon Wheelssingle, who joins our military as a hammerdwarf later in the year)

Two dwarfs (Goden Idenetur and Led Suvasiden) were discovered drained of blood, murderer unknown.

Our hammerdwarfs of H Squad began training throughout the year, preparing for future murder-work Daggerbite will require of them. Both regular and live target training with captured goblins is to be practised.

Sadly in early autumn a training accident claims the life of Tekkud Fortressstrength

A number of giant thrips attacked our pasture, assaulting our dogs. X Squad was dispatched to put down the foul insectoid beasts.

In late winter the forgotten beast Thelo arrives and proceeds to lurk within the lower levels, safely trapped down there by our locked doors.

We expand our hammerdwarf H Squad to 6 dwarfs to replace our recent losses. We celebrate the new recruits enrollment by slaughtering a goblin captive and some rodent coati.

During this year two artifacts were created -
In late summer of 255, Stodir Urvadbekar creates The Nourishing Umbra - a gray chalcedony bed.
In midwinter 255, Kogan ikthagkol the jeweler creates The Dents of Destiny - a chryoprase scepter

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