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Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Thirsty Booze Barney of 255

In the late spring 255 we have a number of thirsty dwarf related incidents.

Despite having massive stockpiles of booze (500+) and a large stockpile with lots of barrels and pots of different drink types, several dwarves die of thirst.

Tun Dedukiteb (a fishery worker) is the first to die of dehydration. We are not sure exactly what malpractice caused this, although it was noted that one unlucky citizen managed to trap himself in a small work corridor due to a wall building error, and it is possible this might have been Tun.

Then Zefon Adiluvel (a planter) also dies of thirst. Whilst stood right next to the booze-pile.

Then another - Kol Ducimnish, again within spitting distance of the booze-pile!

One of the above three was clearly well-liked, as a rash of tantrums sprouts up. People are being kicked and animals bashed about.

During this angry outbreak a planter named Olon Kolelik in a moment of rage appears to throw a barrel at metalcrafter Cog Lakishbesmar - striking him in the brain and killing him!!

I suppose it is poetic that Olon threw an empty barrel at Cog. But still, we must monitor Olon (and his throwing arm) for he may be rewarded with opportunity in our hallowed militia.


  1. If this is the latest version of dwarf fortress, I've had this happen before when the ONLY booze I had for an extended period of time was Dwarven Wine. I think after a while dwarves would rather die than drink one more barrel of dwarven wine.

  2. That is possible, although I've normally got all four types of booze in stock and we've permanently got 30 brew drink orders on the go.

    Might just chalk it up to random dwarfish madness!

    In other news Olon will certainly be drafted very soon - we lost one of our hammerdwarfs due to an accident involving some goblins.