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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Worktactics slays a minotaur: Rightsyell The Roasted Wastes (early 254)

During Midspring of 254, a giant minotaur paid us a visit. Her name was Ohid Nemenala Stoltadtob, known as Ohid Rightsyell the Roasted Wastes.

Argues with elves... and wins!

Cautiously, X Squad mobilised and moved over to where she lurked. After eyeing the bullish beast for several hours, X Squad moved to engagement range and began peppering Rightsyell with bolts.

Rightsyell, ignoring the bolts buzzing past it, charged straight at Dodok Worktactics who seemed momentarily shocked by the furious beast bearing down on him. Fortunately this was an unarmed beast, and despite a meaty jab to the dwarf's lower leg Worktactics escaped unharmed.

Unfortunately for Rightsyell during the melee one of Worktactics bolts caught her point-blank in the head, penetrating the brain and ending it's beastly life for good.

Victory for Daggerbite!

Goodbye fair beast! May you keep the heavens clear of Elfish swine

Across a beastly life of over 220 years Rightsyell claimed 47 notable kills. On inspection though, we note these kills are mostly human and elf, and this is the first time Rightsyell has attempted to kill a dwarf. We are not surprised it is the last.

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