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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

First Few Years (251-252)

In the year 251, the Dwarven group The Buff Flags settled a site they called Daggerbite.

This fertile land is almost completely flat, and the area comprises a heavily forested biome to the east, and rocky plains on the west. With no Aquifier to deal with, the Buff Flags quickly set about digging down a few levels to start off their new home.

The first layer is mostly loam, and an area cleared to provide farming space. Plump helmet, Pig Tail and Sweet Pod farming has begun in earnest. Layer 1 shall be known as The Food Layer.

The second layer is rocky, and will house our workshops and industry. Therefore Layer 2 will be The Industrial Section.

Finally, the next layer down is rock again. I'm designating this the Living Layer, where the communal sleeping pit and dining room will be created.

We have so far found lots of iron ore, meaning our initial metal worries are over as we can now create respectable weapons, armour and equipment.

Events -

Very little of note has happened in the first few years, although we have a large number of migrants now. 69 brand new dwarves have travelled to Daggerbite to make a new home, bringing the total population to 76.

A dog went missing and it's corpse eventually discovered in the pasture area - we suspect a Giant Wren killed it as a number of dogs were involved in a Wren incident. The foul beasts have moved on however, so retribution will have to wait.

Starting off the military we have created a crossbow squad - X Squad - and put two marksdwarves into this squad.

The first is Zulban SimpleCloister. May his enemies soon learn of him and fear his steely gaze.
The second is Dumat Crafttempt.

A planter named Sodel Likotostath went beserk after the materials he requested for his mysterious construction were not provided in a timely fashion. He went beserk and charged around The Food Layer causing the idle dwarves to scatter in all directions. X Squad was dispatched to intercept and put him down. Even after peppering Sodel with a large number of bolts, they had to resort to clubbing him to death with their crossbows when they ran out of ammo. Zulban Simplecloister claimed the final blow.

During the latter part of 252, X Squad has been involved in a number of running battles with Giant Wrens and Giant Crows. During a particularly bloody fight, Zulban SimpleCloister was badly wounded by a Giant Crow. He's now hospitalised and awaiting treatment to determine the long-term damage. At present we know he's has lost the ability to stand or grasp, and has some motor and sensory nerve damage. We await further updates from our chief medic.

Two legendary items were created during these early years:

  • Mosuslisat Zakgolvolaludib - a highwood earring, which translated means "Roomnotched the Spiteful White Syrups". More detail on our first creation is here
  • Ebbuserith "The Trite Labours" - a cedar scepter

Yearly Stats