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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kol Frostybusts goes Beserk (mid 254)

It is the late humid summer during the violent year 254. Kol Nisgakablel (a fishery worker) seizes the opportunity to go beserk as we haven't provided her with the correct materials to construct something mysterious. Assemble the shooters!

Kol's first decision was to murder a dwarven child - suspected to be her own - before running upstairs to cause mayhem.

Unfortunately she was taken down by a weaver named Erith Zasokol, with assistance from Dodok Worktactics' crossbow, a metalcrafter and a nearby wardog.

Like many denizens of Daggerbite, Erith favoured the brain-punch as a killing technique.

Kol Nisgakablel's nickname... was Frostybusts

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