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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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And my favourite section... Murder Work

Our Brave Warriors -
X Squad (The Subtleties of Working)
H Squad (The Fenced Hills)

Local Dwarf Heroes:

X Squad - The Subtleties of Working

The Subtleties of Working is a squad of Dwarven Marksdwarves from the Dwarf Fortress of Daggerbite. They menace with bolts of iron.

The following are the rough and ready denizens of X Squad:

  • Zulban Simplecloister the Shells of Waning  'X1' - the wounded one.
  • Kubuk Basementfleshes the Laborious Sect of Trailing 'X3' - the normal one.
  • Dodok Worktactics the Entrancing Radiances of Glazing 'X4' - the killer.
  • Bomrek Bowink the West Illness of Constructing 'X5' - little killer

Further details on who has killed what, can be found in the latest yearly stats

X Squad was present at -

Previous members -

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