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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

SIEGE: The Attack of Lashing (Late Spring 255)

Part of The War of Traps.

This siege comprised of Trolls and Goblins, swordsmen and pikemen, lashers and macemen - and worst of all!! Goblin Bowmen! To the burrows and quick!

The first wave attempts to make an entrance via our secondary entrance. They play with our trap corridor inside the chokehold somewhat. The results are bloody. We lock the remaining doors in the secondary entrance, forcing the few remaining goblins to retreat and move around to the primary entrance.

Fortunately most of the wounded goblins tend to be bowmen, allowing X Squad to ascend the ramparts and pour fire down upon the gobbos milling around the primary entrance.

During the sniping, Kubuk Basementfleshes the Laborious Sect of Trailing even finds some time to shoot a giant kestrel in the head. Unfortunately this didn't kill the feathered rodent.

X Squad continue to pour their deadly rain of fire down upon the goblins milling around the primary entrance.

How was your stay?

One goblin is hit by six bolts so hard that he spends the rest of his visit to Daggerbite vomiting and retching.

Whilst this was happening topside, a troll breaches our lower levels, presumed from the undercaverns. His name is Zolak and he is angry. Zolak charges around the food layer, dwarf's scattering from his path as fast as they can.

Not fast enough for this dog, which Zolak gores to death on his horrible tusks.

Various dogs and civilian dwarfs retaliate by punching and biting, to no avail. Zolak is not going down!

Another dog is slain when Zolak 'scratches' it's paw, causing the paw to sail off!

X Squad arrives on scene, but due to the press of fleeing dwarfs and canine bodyparts, is forced to engage at very close range.

X Squad marksdwarfs Kubuk Basementfleshes and Bomrek Bowink the West Illness of Constructing are the first to the fight, and they join a mason, a planter and a fishery worker in trying to tackle the horned beast.

True to our fort's name, the planter Kol Ustuthzon decides to get personal and bite the troll's ear. Zolak shakes him loose, but as he falls Kol still manages to get a few last punches in. Zolak is still not going down!

We assemble our newly formed H Squad in desperation. Despite being unarmed and unarmed (and certainly un-trained!), they surround the troll and begin punching it. They prove... ineffective.

Eventually Zulban Simplecloister the Shells of Waning from X Squad arrives and puts the troll down with a shot to the face. Good work Simplecloister!

Then disaster strikes - H Squad, still unarmed and unarmoured, decide to rush the remaining goblins and trolls at both the primary and secondary entrances! We quickly send X Squad above them onto the ramparts to assist and provide covering fire. A bloody fight ensues, and one of H Squad - Tekkud Fortressstrength - seems to have picked up a warhammer from the pile. He fights his way past the trolls at the secondary entrance and out into the open, from where he escapes into the surrounding countryside!

Tekkud's colleague Sibrek Trumpetletter does not find it so easy. He does not have a warhammer, simply his iron shield. He still decides to bash a few trolls in with this!

Eventually the fire from X Squad kills off the remaining trolls. Trumpetletter is still alive (a miracle!)

At the main entrance, all is not so well. Edzul Guardedchannel, another hammerdwarf from H Squad, was killed by a goblin pikeman named Snodub Cursefill! It appears Edzul bravely decided to charge the goblin force on his own, and paid for his bravery with the ultimate price. Snodub was later shot and killed by Worktactics. Revenge is sweet! 

By this stage the remaining goblins are wounded, attempting to crawl from the field of battle. H Squad is ordered to close range to put the remaining gobbo's out of their misery. Tekkud Fortressstrength clearly relishes this task, as he puts three of the wounded goblins down with rapid hammer blows to the head.

The siege is over. Daggerbite endures.

"We're gonna need a bigger refuse pile"
Our military put in some sterling murder-work here.

For the marksdwarfs: Dodok Worktactics slew 9 enemies with his crossbow, Basementfleshes and Simplecloister both claimed 3 kills, and Bomrek Bowink took down 2 enemies.

For the hammerdwarfs, despite being badly armed and armoured, they performed well. Tekkud Fortressstrength took down 4 enemies, and Ber Mansionclashes took down another 2.

From the annals of history -

255 Late Spring - The Attack of Lashing

A goblin named Olngo Menaceworked led an assault force of 16 trolls and 64 goblins.
In total, 41 of the enemy were slain.
We lost one dwarf during the attack - Edzul Guardedchannel from H Squad, who was put down by the goblin Snodub Cursefill with an iron pike.

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