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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Year Four (254)

Year 254-
Year Four was a bloody and turbulent year. The year four stats are available here.

A few non-threats were ordered to be attacked for target practice by X Squad. Whilst his colleagues were happily shooting away at Thrips men, Crafttempt went after a nearby rattlesnake. True to his nature he did not stand back and shoot the creature, he closed to extremely short rage (aka 'Biting Distance').

In midspring 254, a giant minotaur paid us a visit. Her name was Ohid Nemenala Stoltadtob, known as Ohid Rightsyell the Roasted Wastes. Worktactics shot her down.

Our resident Vampire Dastot Overbasement has drained both Doc Ateslek and Crafttempt. We have decided to make an executive decision, and banish the fiend to the cavern layer. Whilst she is down there, she has some bloody adventures.

Meanwhile in latespring 254, a vile force of darkness arrives! We are under siege! We repulsed the siege with zero dwarfish losses - Elves do not count.

A weaver named Deler Ilushbomrek was reported missing.

We have begun engraving our coffin and memorial area - one section of the wall for each fallen dwarf. Indeed, one of the sections depicts the giant magpie Fatallungs!

An overabundance of badgermen and woman has given our marksdwarves some extra targets. After turning one of their number into a pincushion, the striped vermin decided to stop bothering our hard working citizens.

In late summer, Kol 'Frostybusts' Nisgakablel (a fishery worker) goes beserk because we haven't provided her with the correct materials to construct something mysterious. She is put down rapidly.

Inod Zimlogem, a clothier, was found drained of blood in the late summer. Curses, another fiend! And we still haven't discovered the body of Deler Ilushbomrek...
And yet this time we have witnesses - three dwarves point to the same suspect - Dumed Akrularban, a miner. With four witnesses pointing at him Dumed is prompty accused of being the undead fiend. (Dumed had already tried to blame a passing blacksmith). Our captain of the guard, Sheriff Regmat, moved to deliver a beating to Dumed and a brief fight broke out. Sheriff Regmat got the upper hand however, and delivered a solid pasting to the evil night creature. Meanwhile, construction was hastily made for a jail cell to hold it permanently.

Human traders arrive during late summer 254 and manage to time their arrival alongside a second vile force of darkness!

During the siege, we receive a worrying notice - our resident vampire, banished to the cavern levels, has been 'missing' for a week. Where could she be? We later discover she has died of an infection, due to the wounds received during her fight with the cave swallowmen.

In Late Autumn, we discover Mafol Akumavuz, a carpenter, has been found dead, dehydrated! Foul play is not suspected however, but a simple accident.

We also move our new vampire Dumed Akrularban 'Tincradles' into his vampire accommodation at the front entrance of Daggerbite! Lets keep him out of trouble...

We create The Waxes of Euphoria, a chalk scepter.

Finally some traders arrive at the end of Autumn 254. At the same time as a third vile force of darkness....

Inod Gostermeng dies of thirst in late winter of 254. Inod had previously gone mad for an unexplained reason.

A pump operator named Stodir Dastotstizash has created The Tempest of Seas (another chalk scepter!)

4 days before the years end, an ambush of five goblin axeman arrives. Instead of attempting to breach the fortress, they tear off after a peasant. Swiftly we receive reports of another seven goblin ambushers at the West side of the fort. (Overseer Note: I have no idea what happened to that peasant!!)

The western ambush attempts to breach past our traps. They fail. Indeed one unlucky goblin loses both his hands to one of our spiked iron ball traps. Whilst picking up the pieces, we discover the body of Mebzuth 
Shemmuthkat (a woodcrafter) who we assume was slain by the west ambush.

To make matters worse - Ral Rimtarbidok is then discovered drained of blood!

It also seems like half the fortress is currently unhappy. A tantrum spiral is predicted to occur shortly...

The year four stats are available here

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