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This is the living history of Daggerbite, a Dwarven colony settled by The Buff Flags. The walls glitter with images of Giant Magpies. The Magpies are being eaten.

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Forgotten Beast Thelo Gusseduces makes an entrance

Shortly after the minotaur incident, we realise the forgotten beast Thelo Gusseduces has knocked down our doors and moved past our traps into our 'secure' checkpoint between the main fort and the depths.

It's time to put this beast to bed.

Hello Thelo!
It's first victim is a war dog, which Thelo rapidly tears apart. It then turns its attention onto Deler Vabokshorast, a mason, and chases him down further into the depths. Deler avoids the beast somehow, so the beast returns back up the steps and kills a dwarven child (Stinthad Zesadil). Stinthad at least managed to punch the beast in the foot before he died.

We decide to assemble our secret weapon - the vampire Cubra Stoppedroofs - and send him down to fight the beast. Releasing Cubra from his prison, the undead creature made it's way down towards Thelo. En-route, it decided to snack on a sleeping dwarf child (Kivish Aranolon) and drain him of blood. Cursed fiend!

Finally Cubra is in position, and we release him to attack the forgotten beast. The battle is brief but bloody. Cubra manages to punch Thelo in the head, and parry the first few attacks against him. Then Thelo attacks with a vicious kick to Cubra's right foot followed by biting the vampires left foot - alas silk shoes have no place in battle. Thelo continues, shaking Cubra around by his damaged left foot until the foot is ripped off.

Not one to give up immediately, Cubra still manages to slash Thelo in the leg with his shortsword. Thelo drops Cubra's foot from its mouth, then scratches Cubra's right foot with a claw,  tearing arteries whilst Cubra furiously tries to scratch the beast. Thelo follows up with a few vicious kicks, then bites Cubra's right lower arm off, before finally scratching Cubra's face and killing the undead fiend.

Thelo is barely wounded by this point

During this fight, the mason Deler Vabokshorast tries to creep past the assailants and get to safety, but alas just as he is close to sneaking past, Cubra is slain and Thelo turns it's attention to him. Deler flees back into the caverns. The mason is eventually caught up with and killed by Thelo - but not before the beast has stabbed, sucked and feasted on Deler's warm lifeblood!

Looking at the deaths and injuries of previous dwarfs, we realise that lower body armament and hand protection has been lacking in recent fights. We rectify this quickly, spending a month forging high boots, leggings and gauntlets out of iron. The beast Thelo is content to sit in the lower levels - for some reason this time our locked doors do not challenge it to break them down.

Finally we are ready to go, X and H Squads assemble and move down to engage. X Squad is first on the scene, Kubuk Basementfleshes, Dodok Worktactics and Bomrek Bowink immediately begin peppering the creature with bolts. 

Basementfleshes decides to bash the creature with his crossbow too - even though he still has ammo left. Bolts from Basementfleshes and Bowink both strike the creature in the chest, puncturing it's lungs. Worktactics meanwhile manages to shoot Thelo in the lower body, tearing the spine. The beast can't seem to hit our plucky dwarfs, and does no damage whatsoever.

The ravenous beast eventually expires having been shot 32 times. Records state that Worktactics performed the final blow, although it is not clear exactly which of the 32 bolts performed the deed. H Squad arrive late at the scene to find a gloating trio of marksdwarfs surrounding their kill.

"Whilst you were lounging around hammering naked goblins, look what we killed"

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